PeptideLinks is designed to allow researchers, students, and scholars to connect to US- and Canadian-based researchers in peptide science. It is inspired by the popular OrganicLinks and ChemBioLinks web sites and is expected to serve as a directory for the peptide science community, much as those sites serve as directories for the organic chemistry and chemical biology communities.


If you are US or Canadian-based principal investigator in peptide science at an academic institution, a government laboratory, or a company, and you have a research-oriented web page at that institution, please e-mail me at if you wish to be added to this page. Please provide me with your name, institution, state, and website.


This website is created by James S. Nowick (UC Irvine) and maintained by Hyunjun Yang (UCSF). This website was created by and for researchers in the peptide field for scholarly purposes only. It is not a commercial site. No E-mail addresses are linked to this page (other than my own) to avoid generating spam.



Upcoming peptide meetings



06/10 – 06/12        Cell-penetrating peptides: Next generation delivery systems; Montpellier, France; link

08/25 – 08/30        37th European Peptide Symposium/14th International Peptide Society; Florence, Italy; link


06/15 – 06/19        29th American Peptide Society & 15th International Peptide Society meeting; San Diego, CA; link





Carolyn Cassidy, University of Alabama; PubMed






Giovanna Ghirlanda, Arizona State University; PubMed

Lawrence Miller, Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale; PubMed

Indraneel Ghosh, University of Arizona; PubMed

Victor Hruby, University of Arizona; PubMed

Robin Polt, University of Arizona; PubMed




Roger Koeppe, Arkansas; PubMed




Peter Dervan, Caltech; PubMed

Robert Grubbs, Caltech; PubMed

Kamaljit Kaur, Chapman University; PubMed

Keykavous Parang, Chapman University; PubMed

Andrea Cochran, Genentech; PubMed

Ronald Zuckermann, LBNL; PubMed

Jean Rivier (deceased), Salk Institute; PubMed

Alan Saghatelian, Salk Institute; PubMed

Geoffrey Wahl, Salk Institute; PubMed

Amelia Fuller, Santa Clara University; PubMed

Michael Carrasco, Santa Clara University; PubMed

Dale Boger, Scripps; PubMed

Benjamin Cravatt, Scripps; PubMed

Philip Dawson, Scripps; PubMed

Jane Dyson, Scripps; PubMed

M. Reza Ghadiri, Scripps; PubMed

Jeffrey Kelly, Scripps; PubMed

Peter Wright, Scripps; PubMed

Michael Zwick, Scripps; PubMed

Annelise Barron, Stanford; PubMed

Matthew Bogyo, Stanford (School of Medicine); PubMed

Jennifer Cochran, Stanford (School of Medicine); PubMed

Danny Chou, Stanford; PubMed

Peter Kim, Stanford; PubMed

Paul Wender, Stanford; PubMed

Matthew Francis, UC Berkeley; PubMed

Ting Xu, UC Berkeley; PubMed

Alanna Schepartz, UC Berkeley; PubMed

Jacquelyn Gervay-Hague, UC Davis; PubMed

Krishnan Nambiar, UC Davis; PubMed

Kit Lam, UC Davis (Medical Center); PubMed

Charles Bevins, UC Davis (School of Medicine); PubMed

Charles Glabe, UC Irvine; PubMed

Zhibin Guan, UC Irvine; PubMed

Hung Nguyen, UC Irvine; PubMed

James Nowick, UC Irvine; PubMed

Kenneth Shea, UC Irvine; PubMed

Gregory Weiss, UC Irvine; PubMed

Stephen White, UC Irvine; PubMed

Herdeline Ardoña, UC Irvine; PubMed

Allon Hochbaum, UC Irvine; PubMed

Alon Gorodetsky, UC Irvine; PubMed

Darci Trader, UC Irvine; PubMed

David Eisenberg, UCLA; PubMed

Timothy Deming, UCLA; PubMed

Zhefeng Guo, UCLA (School of Medicine); PubMed

Tom Ganz, UCLA (School of Medicine); PubMed

David Teplow, UCLA; PubMed

Todd Yeates, UCLA; PubMed

Steven Dowdy, UC San Diego; PubMed

Peter Dorrestein, UC San Diego; PubMed

Nicole Steinmetz, UC San Diego; PubMed

Roger Tsien, UC San Diego; PubMed

Jerry Yang, UC San Diego; PubMed

Michael Bowers, UC Santa Barbara; PubMed

Erkki Ruoslahti, UC Santa Barbara; PubMed

Joan-Emma Shea, UC Santa Barbara; PubMed

R. Scott Lokey, UC Santa Cruz; PubMed

Glenn Millhauser, UC Santa Cruz; PubMed

Jevgenij Raskatov, UC Santa Cruz; PubMed

William DeGrado, UCSF; PubMed

Danica Galonic Fujimori, UCSF; PubMed

Tanja Kortemme, UCSF; PubMed

Francis Szoka, UCSF; PubMed

Stanley Prusiner, UCSF; PubMed

James Wells, UCSF; PubMed

Julio Camrarero, University of Southern California; PubMed

Matthew Pratt, University of Southern California; PubMed

Richard Roberts, University of Southern California; PubMed

Michael Selsted, University of Southern California; PubMed

Jennica Zaro, West Coast University; PubMed




Alan Kennan, Colorado State; PubMed

Nick Fisk, University of Colorado - Denver; PubMed

Robert Hodges, University of Colorado - Denver, School of Medicine; PubMed

Maciej Walczak, University of Colorado - Boulder; PubMed




Timothy Curran, Trinity College; PubMed

Donald Engelman, Yale; PubMed

William Jorgensen, Yale; PubMed

Scott Miller, Yale; PubMed

Andrew Miranker, Yale; PubMed

Lynne Regan, Yale; PubMed

Jillian E. Smith-Carpenter, Fairfield University; PubMed





Darrin Pochan, University of Delaware; PubMed

Neal Zondlo, University of Delaware; PubMed

Christopher Kloxin, University of Delaware; PubMed




Jane Aldrich, Florida; PubMed

Ben Dunn, Florida; PubMed

Likai Song, Florida State; PubMed

Kate Carroll, Scripps Florida; PubMed

Thomas Kodadek, Scripps Florida; PubMed

Gregg Fields, Florida Atlantic; PubMed

Richard Houghten, Torrey Pines Institute; PubMed

Adel Nefzi, Torrey Pines Institute; PubMed

Jianfeng Cai, University of South Florida; PubMed

Juan Del Valle, University of South Florida; PubMed

Maré Cudic, Florida Atlantic University; PubMed

Suren A. Tatulian, University of Central Florida; PubMed




Vincent Conticello, Emory; PubMed

David Lynn, Emory; PubMed

Lary Walker, Emory; PubMed

Julie Champion, Georgia Tech; PubMed

Anant Paravastu, Georgia Tech; PubMed

Eileen Kennedy, University of Georgia; PubMed

Monika Raj,Emory; PubMed




Jon-Paul Bingham, Hawai'i; PubMed




Darren Thompson, Idaho; PubMed




Stephen Kent, Chicago; PubMed

Anthony Kossiakoff, Chicago; PubMed

Matthew Tirrell, Chicago; PubMed

Tobin Sosnick, Chicago; PubMed

Martin Gruebele, Illinois; PubMed

Klaus Schulten, Illinois; PubMed

Wilfred van der Donk, Illinois; PubMed

Douglas Mitchell, Illinois; PubMed

Milan Mrksich, Northwestern; PubMed

Samuel Stupp, Northwestern; PubMed

Nathan Gianneschi, Northwestern; PubMed

Yoshitaka Ishii, University of Illinois at Chicago; PubMed

Brian Kay, University of Illinois at Chicago; PubMed

Terry Moore, University of Illinois at Chicago; PubMed

Tim Keiderling, University of Illinois at Chicago; PubMed




David Clemmer, Indiana University; PubMed

Richard DiMarchi, Indiana University; PubMed

Martin Jarrold, Indiana University; PubMed

Jared Lewis, Indiana University; PubMed

Jean Chmielewski, Purdue; PubMed

Arun Ghosh, Purdue; PubMed

Casey Krusemark, Purdue; PubMed

Jonathan Wilker, Purdue; PubMed

Timothy Zwier, Purdue; PubMed

Elizabeth Parkinson, Purdue; PubMed




Kim Brogden, Iowa (College of Dentistry); PubMed

Brett VanVeller, Iowa State; PubMed

Kevin G. Rice, Iowa; PubMed




Blake Petersen, Kansas; PubMed

Michael Wolfe, Kansas; PubMed

Haifan Wu, Wichita state; PubMed






David Coy, Tulane; PubMed






Honggang Cui, Johns Hopkins; PubMed

Karen Fleming, Johns Hopkins; PubMed

Kenneth Karlin, Johns Hopkins; PubMed

John Tovar, Johns Hopkins; PubMed

Joel Schneider, NCI (NIH); PubMed

Christina Schroeder, NCI (NIH); PubMed

Kenneth Jacobson, NIDDK (NIH); PubMed

Daniel Appella, NIDDK (NIH); PubMed

Robert Tycko, NIDDK (NIH); PubMed

Ross Cheloha, NIDDK (NIH); PubMed




Jianmin Gao, Boston College; PubMed

Daniel Kirschner, Boston College; PubMed

Adrian Whitty, Boston University; PubMed

Dominic Walsh, Brigham and Women's Hospital; PubMed

Bing Xu, Brandeis University; PubMed

Gregory Verdine, Harvard; PubMed

Loren Walensky, Harvard; PubMed

Suzanne Walker, Harvard; PubMed

Michael Chorev, Harvard (Medical School); PubMed

Robert Griffin, MIT; PubMed

Paula Hammond, MIT; PubMed

Barbara Imperiali, MIT; PubMed

Amy Keating, MIT; PubMed

Ronald Raines, MIT; PubMed

Laura Kiessling, MIT; PubMed

Mei Hong, MIT; PubMed

Susan Lindquist (deceased), MIT (Whitehead Institute); PubMed

Elizabeth Nolan, MIT; PubMed

Bradley Pentelute, MIT; PubMed

Shugang Zhang, MIT; PubMed

Lila Gierasch, U. Mass Amherst; PubMed

Eric Strieter, U. Mass Amherst; PubMed

Roman Manetsch, Northeastern University; PubMed

Joshua Kritzer, Tufts; PubMed

Krishna Kumar, Tufts; PubMed

Yu-Shan Lin, Tufts; PubMed




Charles Brooks, III, Michigan; PubMed

Matthew Chapman, Michigan; PubMed

Anna Mapp, Michigan; PubMed

E. Neil G. Marsh, Michigan; PubMed

Henry Mosberg, Michigan; PubMed

Vincent Pecoraro, Michigan; PubMed

Peter Tessier, Michigan; PubMed

A. Rams Ramamoorthy, Michigan; PubMed

Jennifer Stockdill, Wayne State; PubMed




Karen Ashe, Minnesota; PubMed

George Barany, Minnesota; PubMed

Alessandro Bartolomucci, Minnesota; PubMed

Mark Distefano, Minnesota; PubMed

Ben Hackel, Minnesota; PubMed

Carrie Haskell-Luevano, Minnesota; PubMed

Sylvain Lesne, Minnesota; PubMed

Kevin Mayo, Minnesota; PubMed

William Pomerantz, Minnesota; PubMed

Lincoln Potter, Minnesota; PubMed





Douglas Masterson, University of Southern Mississippi; PubMed

Vijay Rangachari, University of Southern Mississippi; PubMed




Daniel Forciniti, Missouri Science and Technology; PubMed

Garland Marshall, WUSTL; PubMed






Yuri Lyubchenko, Nebraska; PubMed

James Checco, Nebraska; PubMed




Yftah Tal-Gan, University of Nevada Reno; PubMed


New Hampshire


Dale Mierke, Dartmouth; PubMed

Dean Madden, Dartmouth (School of Medicine); PubMed

Mark Spaller, Dartmouth (School of Medicine); PubMed


New Jersey


Danielle Guarracino, The College of New Jersey (TCNJ); PubMed

A. James Link, Princeton; PubMed

Tom Muir, Princeton; PubMed

David Case, Rutgers; PubMed

Vikas Nanda, Rutgers; PubMed

David Sabatino, Seton Hall; PubMed


New Mexico


Bryce Chackerian, New Mexico; PubMed


New York


Rein Ulijn, Advanced Science Research Center (CUNY); PubMed

Jonathan Lai, Albert Einstein College of Medicine; PubMed

Wei Qiang, Binghamton (SUNY); PubMed

Brian Gibney, Brooklyn College (CUNY); PubMed

Bing Gong, Buffalo (SUNY); PubMed

Raymond Tu, City College of New York (CUNY); PubMed

He Dong, Clarkson University; PubMed

Fred Naider, College of Staten Island (CUNY); PubMed

Scott Banta, Columbia; PubMed

Mandë Holford, Hunter College; PubMed

Paramjit Arora, NYU; PubMed

Kent Kirshenbaum, NYU; PubMed

Jin Kim Montclare, NYU Polytechnic; PubMed

Wilfredo Colón, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; PubMed

Pankaj Karande, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; PubMed

Rudi Fasan, Rochester; PubMed

Bradley Nilsson, Rochester; PubMed

Jeffrey Friedman, Rockefeller University; PubMed

Samuel Danishefsky, Sloan Kettering; PubMed

Yael David, Sloan Kattering; PubMed

Ivan Korendovych, Syracuse University; PubMed

Ken Dill, Stony Brook (SUNY); PubMed

Jonathan (Jon) Rudick, Stony Brook (SUNY) (deceased); PubMed

David Eliezer, Weill Cornell Medical College; PubMed

Hazel Szeto, Weill Cornell Medical College; PubMed

Nicholas Sawyer, Fordham University; PubMed


North Carolina


Ashutosh Chilkoti, Duke; PubMed

Joel Collier, Duke; PubMed

Dewey McCafferty, Duke; PubMed

David and Jane Richardson, Duke; PubMed1 PubMed2

Lisandra de Castro Brás, East Carolina University; PubMed

Brian Kuhlman, UNC Chapel Hill (School of Medicine); PubMed

David Lawrence, UNC Chapel Hill; PubMed

Brian Strahl, UNC Chapel Hill (School of Medicine); PubMed

Marcey Waters, UNC Chapel Hill; PubMed

Caroline Proulx, North Carolina State University; PubMed


North Dakota




Witold Surewicz, Case Western; PubMed

Pravin Kaumaya, Ohio State; PubMed

Dehua Pei, Ohio State; PubMed

Vicki Wysocki, Ohio State; PubMed

Maurice Manning, University of Toledo; PubMed

Dennis Bong, Ohio State; PubMed






Hong Moulton, Oregon State Univeristy (College of Veterinary Medicine); PubMed




Irwin Chaiken, Drexel University (College of Medicine); PubMed

Nicolas Alvarez, Drexel University; PubMed

Reinhard Schweitzer-Stenner, Drexel University; PubMed

Christian Schafmeister, Temple University; PubMed

Seth Horne, University of Pittsburgh; PubMed

Ronald Wetzel, University of Pittsburgh; PubMed

David Chenoweth, Penn; PubMed

Dennis Discher, Penn; PubMed

Marisa Kozlowski, Penn; PubMed

E. James Petersson, Penn; PubMed

Amos Smith, Penn; PubMed

Gong Chen, Penn State; PubMed

Scott H. Medina, Penn State; PubMed

Cesar de la Fuente-Nunez, Penn; PubMed


Puerto Rico


Rhode Island


Lenore Martin, University of Rhode Island; PubMed


South Carolina


South Dakota




Jeffrey Becker, Tennessee; PubMed

Stephen Fesik, Vanderbilt University Medical Center; PubMed

Jeffrey Johnston, Vanderbilt; PubMed




Atul Chopra, Baylor College of Medicine; PubMed

Scott Gilbertson, University of Houston; PubMed

John McMurray, MD Anderson Cancer Center; PubMed

Zachary Ball, Rice; PubMed

Jeffrey Hartgerink, Rice; PubMed

Adam Urbach, Trinity University; PubMed

Stephen Martin, University of Texas; PubMed

Jung-Mo Ahn, UT Dallas; PubMed

Warren Goux, UT Dallas; PubMed

Claudio Soto, UT Health Sciences Center, Houston; PubMed

Beth Levine (deceased), UT Southwestern; PubMed

Kevin Burgess, Texas A&M; PubMed

Robert Newberry, UT Austin; PubMed




Stephen Castle, Brigham Young University; PubMed

Joshua Price, Brigham Young University; PubMed

Michael Kay, Utah; PubMed

Baldomero Olivera, Utah; PubMed

S. Michael Yu, Utah; PubMed






Felicia Etzkorn, Virginia Tech; PubMed

Marcos Pires, University of Virginia ; PubMed




David Baker, U Washington; PubMed

Champak Chatterjee, U Washington; PubMed

Niels Andersen (deceased), U Washington; PubMed

James Heath, Institute for Systems Biology; PubMed


Washington DC


Michael Zasloff, Georgetown University; PubMed


West Virginia

Hacer Karatas Bristow, West Virginia University; PubMed




Helen Blackwell, Wisconsin; PubMed

Weibo Cai, Wisconsin; PubMed

Samuel Gellman, Wisconsin; PubMed

Regina Murphy, Wisconsin; PubMed

James Skinner, Wisconsin; PubMed

Martin Zanni, Wisconsin; PubMed






Ratmir Derda, Albert

John Vederas, Alberta

Charles Deber, Hospital for Sick Kids, Toronto

Timothy Geary, McGill

Stephen Hanessian, Montreal

William Lubell, Montreal

Robert Ben, Ottawa

Emanual Escher, Sherbrooke

Jamie Scott, Simon Fraser

Cheryl Arrowsmith, Toronto (School of Medicine)

Robert Batey, Toronto

Shana Kelley, Toronto

Philip Kim, Toronto

Sachdev Sidhu, Toronto

Andrei Yudin, Toronto

David Perrin, UBC

John Trant, Windsor

Scott Taylor, Waterloo


Selected Researchers from Other Countries


David Craik, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

David Fairlie, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

Paul Alewood, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

Richard Payne, University of Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Glenn King, University of Queensland, AUSTRALIA

Max J. Cryle, Monash University, AUSTRALIA

Marc-Antoine Sani, University of Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


Christian Becker, Vienna, AUSTRIA

Mario Schubert, Paris Lodron University of Salzburg, AUSTRIA

Chiara Cabrele, Paris Lodron University of Salzburg, AUSTRIA


Vani Xavier de Oliveira Junior, Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo, BRAZIL


Marcelo Kogan Bocian, Universidad de Chile, CHILE

Juan A. Asenjo, University of Chile, CHILE


Hubert Yin, Tsinghua University, CHINA

Xuechen Li, University of Hong Kong, CHINA

Junfeng Zhao, Jiangxi Normal University, CHINA

Ping Wang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, CHINA

Zigang Li, Peking University, CHINA

Suwei Dong, Peking University, CHINA

Chenhong Wang, Beijing Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, CHINA

Jiaxi Xu, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, CHINA

Yani Liu, Qingdao University, CHINA

Ge-Min Fang,Anhui University, CHINA

Yun-Kun Qi, Qingdao University, CHINA

Shan-Shan Du, Qingdao University, CHINA

Hao Sun, Nanjing Agricultural University, CHINA

Jia-Bin Li, Soochow University, CHINA

Jinqiang Zhang, ChongqingUniversity, CHINA

Huan Wang, Nanjing University, CHINA

Wei Zhang, Lanzhou University, CHINA

Jingjing Song, Lanzhou University, CHINA

Shipeng He, Shanghai University, CHINA

Aijun Lin, China Pharmaceutical University, CHINA

Qian Chu, China Pharmaceutical University, CHINA



Yunier Rodríguez-Alvarez, Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, CUBA


Knud Jensen, University of Copenhagen, DENMARK


Cavelier Florine, Institut des Biomolecules Max Mousseron, FRANCE

David Aitken, Université Paris-Sud, FRANCE

Sylviane Muller, CNRS - Université de Strasbourg, FRANCE


Annette Beck-Sickinger, Leipzig, GERMANY

Christian Birr, ORPEGEN Peptide Chemicals GMBH, GERMANY

Ulf Diederichsen, Göttingen, GERMANY

Jutta Eichler, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Erlangen, GERMANY

Stefan Hell, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen, GERMANY

Birte Höcker, Max Planck Instituted for Developmental Biology, Tübingen, GERMANY

Aphrodite Kapurniotu, Technical University Munich, GERMANY

Beate Koksch, Freie Universität Berlin, GERMANY

Horst Kessler, Technical University Munich, GERMANY

Carsten Schmuck, Universität Duisburg-Essen, GERMANY

Christian Hackenberger, Leibniz Forschunginstitut für Molekulare Pharmakologie, GERMANY

Maja Köhn, University of Freiburg, GERMANY

Harald Kolmar, Technical University of Darmstadt, GERMANY

Michael Hellwig, Technische Universität Dresden, GERMANY


Renate Gessmann, IMBB, GREECE

Eugenia Panou-Pomonis, University of Ioannina, GREECE


Benjamín Ragnar Sveinbjörnsson, University of Iceland, ICELAND


Radhakrishnan Mahalakshmi, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhopal, INDIA

Jayanta Chatterjee, Indian Institute of Science, INDIA

Thimmaiah Govindaraju, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, INDIA

Bhubaneswar Mandal, Indian Institute of TechnologyGuwahati, INDIA

Jay Kant Yadav, Univertsity of Rajasthan, INDIA

Kanchugarakoppal S. Rangappa, University of Mysore, INDIA

Biswadip Banerji, Indian Institute ofChemical Biology (CSIR-IICB), INDIA


Chandralal Hewage, University College Dublin, IRELAND


Jacob Anglister, Weizmann Institute, ISRAEL

Gonen Ashkenasy, Ben Gurion University, ISRAEL

Nurit Ashkenasy, Ben Gurion University, ISRAEL

Ashraf Brik, Technion, ISRAEL

Ehud Gazit, Tel Aviv University, ISRAEL

Yifat Miller, Ben Gurion University, ISRAEL

Shai Rahimipour, Bar-Ilan University, ISRAEL

Hanna Rapaport, Ben Gurion University, ISRAEL

Norman Metanis, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, ISRAEL

Sergey Semenov, Weizmann Institute of Science, ISRAEL


Elisabetta Bianchi, IRBM Science Park, Pomezia (Rome), ITALY

Paolo Scrimin, University of Padova, ITALY

Maria Luisa Mangoni, Sapienza University of Rome, ITALY

Anna Maria Papini, University of Florence, ITALY

Claudio Toniolo, University of Padova, ITALY


Shiroh Futaki, Kyoto University, JAPAN

Hiroaki Suga, University of Tokyo, JAPAN

Yoshio Hayashi, Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, JAPAN

Akira Otaka, Tokushima University, JAPAN

Hironobu Hojo, Osaka University, JAPAN

Motomu Kanai, University of Tokyo, JAPAN

Hiroshi Inaba, Tottori University, JAPAN

Hisakazu Mihara, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JAPAN

Hirotaka Uji, Kyoto University, JAPAN

Hidemine Furuya, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JAPAN

Yuichi Masuda, Mie University, JAPAN

Akiko Asano, Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University, JAPAN

Toru Kawakami, Osaka University, JAPAN


Tom Grossmann, Vrie Univeriseit Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

Sijbren Otto, Gronengen, NETHERLANDS


Margaret Brimble, University of Auckland, NEW ZEALAND


Farzana Shaheen,  University of Karachi, PAKISTAN


Paula Gomes, University of Porto, PORTUGAL


Robert Liskamp, Glasgow, SCOTLAND


James P. Tam, Nanyang Technological University, SINGAPORE


Soo Hyuk Choi, Yonsei University, SOUTH KOREA

Yangmee Kim, Konkuk University, SOUTH KOREA

Jiwon Seo, Gwangu Institute of Science and Technology, SOUTH KOREA

Younghee Shin, Tech University of Korea, SOUTH KOREA


Fernando Albericio, IRB Barcelona, SPAIN

Ernest Giralt, IRB Barcelona, SPAIN

Juan R. Grania Guillan, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, SPAIN

David Andreu, Pompeu Fabra University, SPAIN


Sara Linse, Lund, SWEDEN



Helma Wennemers, ETH, SWITZERLAND

Thomas R. Ward, University of Basel, SWITZERLAND

Nina Hartrampf, University of Zurich, SWITZERLAND



Derek Woolfson, Bristol, U.K.

Christopher Dobson (deceased), Cambridge, U.K.

Ian Hamley, Reading, U.K,

Tuomas Knowles, Cambridge, U.K.

Louise Serpell, Sussex, U.K.

Marina Rubini, University College of Dublin, U.K.

Darerca Owen, University of Cambridge, U.K.

Lorena Mendive-Tapia, University of Edinburgh, U.K.

Marc Vendrell, University of Edinburgh, U.K.

Tom E. McAllister, Newcastle University, U.K.

Akane Kawamura, Newcastle University, U.K.

John Howl, University of Wolverhampton, U.K.

Alison N. Hulme, University of Edinburgh, U.K.

Garry Laverty, Queen's University Belfast, U.K.

Andrew G. Jamieson, University of Glasgow, U.K.

Christopher R. Coxon, Heriot-Watt University, U.K.

Andrew J. Wilson, University of Leeds, U.K.

George W. Preston, University of Manchester, U.K.


T. T. Nha Tran, Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM


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